Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego Padres 04-18-18 Predictions, Picks and Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego Padres 04-18-18 Predictions, Picks and Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers (5-9) vs San Diego Padres (7-10)

Date : 04/18/2018
Time : 6:15
Location :

Pick, Prediction, & Preview:

Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego Padres

The Los Angeles Dodgers are set to face off against the San Diego Padres. Part of the several match series, this will surely be a game to remember. The Dodgers are at a clear advantage because of  the way that they handled the pre season-opening matches. The Padres are not in as unique of an advantage because of their recent track record. However with several key players that have been highly reputed throughout the league, it is sure to be an exciting match.

Los Angeles Dodgers's Latest Performance :

The San Diego Padres have Erlin, a 27-year-old player who will be filling in for right-hander Luis Perdomo. Due to his reconstructive surgery last year he was unable to play through the entire season. This has resulted in him being off the field for some time. Now back in action, it is possible he will be more prepared than ever before.

San Diego Padres's Latest Performance :

The San Diego Padres have Robbie Erlin who will likely make a difference in the overall results. Since Perdomo was suspended for five games it is clear that Nolan Arenado and the LA counters have made a big difference in their strategies.



How Los Angeles Dodgers & San Diego Padres Matchup.

Vegas Odds, Offshore Odds, & Odds ATS:

Ryu had pitched several times against Oakland where the results were mixed.

In-Depth Analysis of each team:

The matchup seems to favor the Padres because of the players, as well as the consistent way that they have been able to take on opponents this season. Their consistent performance, as well as pre-game opener results, showcase their ability to make changes when needed and strategize for the best results. Since their star players are readily available there will be a great deal to watch out for in the upcoming match in this three-game series.

Against The Spread Selection: San Diego Padres

My reason for the pick :

Because the Padres have more regular players, it is possible they will take the victory. It is also hard to see that the opposition who has had to make a few replacements already will be able to get it together in time.

Betting trends for Los Angeles Dodgers:

  • The Dodgers are 68-24 in the last 92 games.

Betting trends for San Diego Padres:

  • The Padres are 3-7 in the last 10 games.


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