Miami Marlins Versus New York Yankees 04-17-18 Predictions, Picks and Odds

Miami Marlins Versus New York  Yankees 04-17-18 Predictions, Picks and Odds

Miami Marlins ( 4-10) vs New York Yankees (7-7)

Date : 04/17/2018
Time : 6:35
Location : Yankee Stadium

Pick, Prediction, & Preview:

Miami Marlins vs New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are set to take on the Miami Marlins in a heated match this Tuesday. With some good offense over the first few weeks of the season, the Yankees are likely going to make it hard for the¬†Marlins to score. Nevertheless, there are a lot of obstacles that the Marlins may be faced with from their team players. Amidst the lawsuit regarding citizenship of many of their team’s players, there could be enough distractions that lead to a win for the Yankees.

Miami Marlins's Latest Performance :

The Miami Marlins are doing relatively well this season, with a few hiccups from their lineup. There has even been a bit of support lacking from their hometown in the rocky start to the season. The scoreboard shows that they have made significant power moves even though it is not clear whether they can beat out the New York Yankees in the upcoming match. They recently came out of a losing streak of more than three games by beating out Pittsburgh.

New York Yankees's Latest Performance :

The Yankees may not have been polished in all areas, but their offense is definitely something to write home about. They have made a consistent appearance while living up to their reputation in the preliminary games of the series.

How Miami Marlins & New York Yankees Matchup.

Vegas Odds, Offshore Odds, & Odds ATS:

Caleb Smith of the Yankees will be making another appearance for the team. After showing up on nine occasions last year had a bit of a slip up recently against the Mets. Despite this instance, he has a relatively good track record, giving the impression that things will turn out well for the Yankees this time around. Lewis Brinson is also working hard despite a recent slump.

In-Depth Analysis of each team:

This is a tough matchup because the Marlins are at a slight disadvantage. The Yankees have been providing a few winning strategies in their recent matches, creating the impression that they will be able to beat the Marlins in the upcoming game. While the Marlins may not have been so strong in the earlier days of the season there is still time to make up for that. It just may not be visible against the Yankees, since their opponents are strong and have a slightly better average thus far in the league.

Against The Spread Selection: New York Yankees

My reason for the pick :

The Yankees have a good advantage against the Marlins. Because of their win over the Tigers and a considerably new strategy they could have a great shot in the upcoming matches. Even though the Yankees have been cutting it close, their recent record shows that they do have some promising strengths. With the shaky ground that the Marlins have established in recent matches, it is possible that the Yankees can defeat them in the upcoming face off.

Betting trends for Miami Marlins:

  • The Marlins are 5-16 in the past 21 road games.

Betting trends for New York Yankees:

  • The Yankees are 5-11 in the 16 latest away games.


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