Texas Rangers vs. Seattle Mariners 04-20-18 Predictions, Picks and Odds

Texas Rangers vs. Seattle Mariners 04-20-18 Predictions, Picks and Odds

Seattle Mariners ( 4-6) vs Texas Rangers (6-4)

Date : 04/20/2018
Time : 7:05 pm
Location : Globe Life Park

Pick, Prediction, & Preview:

Seattle Mariners vs Texas Rangers

After a recent match that they had, the Rangers are back again to host the Mariners. They had a callous game on Tuesday night. This is the game that some of their players are depending on for their existence in the team. 

Seattle Mariners's Latest Performance :

The Mariners have proved that they are on the right path for the desire of victory. This is one of the games after the one they had with the Aristos, that is anticipated so much by them. The team’s manager has been one of the managers who is considered to be one of the busiest in the whole season. This is because he has been making tremendous sign-ins in the team during the offseason period. The more reason why he is making a breakthrough in the game, he has been able to maintain his initial core team.

Texas Rangers's Latest Performance :

It has not been a smooth ride for the Texas Rangers lately. This is after a wrecked game on Tuesday night against the Rays. Levi Weaver says that according to the latest games of the Rangers, they are by now one of the worst teams in the MLB league. This is something that is not a plus for them. Martin Perez, who is one of the players in Rangers, has been the primary culprit for the loss of the team the other night. It was mentioned that the team had a strategy that was the main game changer. It was all going great until Perez decided that he is going to change the game. This is the main reason why there was the loss that was experienced by the Texas Rangers. This is something that needs to be corrected by the whole team if they need to be in sync with the entire baseball league system.

How Seattle Mariners & Texas Rangers Matchup.

Vegas Odds, Offshore Odds, & Odds ATS:

The Mariners have been in the game for a long time, a long time of winning and consistent records. They have been making three runs per game. In doing this, they have been playing a defending game. This makes them perform so well in the ATS. Well, the same cannot be said about the Rangers. They have not had any hits and runs for a long. The number of runs has not been that satisfying.

In-Depth Analysis of each team:

The Mariners are going to be hosted in Globe Life Park on Friday night. They had a tight spot for a game that night. All roads are leading to the stadium. It is one of the Biggest baseball fields in the world.

Against The Spread Selection: Mariners

My reason for the pick :

The Mariners have proved that they have the potential to win the title in the long run. They have one of the best players and also some other strong supporting team members that are contributing to their wins. This is not the case when it comes to the Rangers. They have lacked coordination in their latest games, and also they are not in their place right now when it comes to strategies.

Betting trends for Seattle Mariners:

  • Seattle Mariners have 3-10 trends from the start of the season.

Betting trends for Texas Rangers:

  • Texas Rangers have 4-1 trends in their last five games on the road.


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