Boston Red Sox vs. Oakland Athletics 04-22-18 Prdeictions

Boston Red Sox vs. Oakland Athletics 04-22-18 Prdeictions

Boston Red Sox (16-2) vs Oakland Athletics (9-10)

Date : 04/21/2018
Time : 9:05 PM
Location : Oakland Athletics

Pick, Prediction, & Preview:

Boston Red Sox vs Oakland Athletics

The Boston Red Sox are set to take on the Oakland Athletics in their home stadium. Oakland has been improving their offensive strategy, especially in the past few games. But the Red Sox have a better recent history of scoring and defeating their opponents. This will be a tough win for Oakland all things considered.

Boston Red Sox's Latest Performance :

Boston has been making waves of epic proportions on the west coast in recent games. When going up against the Angels they had a large margin of 19-1 that was combined. Now they have accumulated six wins in a row while having an impenetrable barrier of just eleven runs getting through. Despite a lot of injuries from pitching, the team seems to be in top shape with incredible results from all angles. The Red Soxes may have started out lower on the list, but are advancing with a ferocity.


Oakland Athletics's Latest Performance :

Oakland has been on an upswing this season. Their offense has been gaining momentum, especially after beating the White Sox. They have accomplished a great deal by getting thirty runs throughout the duration of the three games. Despite letting a few runs slip through (11 to be exact) they were still able to gain the victory at the end of the day. It is anticipated they will use the right-hander Kendall Graveman in the upcoming face off. Going 0-3 and with an ERA of 9.87 he may be a challenging starter against Boston.


How Boston Red Sox & Oakland Athletics Matchup.

Vegas Odds, Offshore Odds, & Odds ATS:

The Red Sox’s have called upon Drew Pomeranz to be the left hander in the series against the A’s. His debut is much anticipated because he had to sit out earlier from a forearm injury. Nevertheless, the short starts that he experienced before will be topped this year by some incredible plays to come. His ERA is 3.32 and LY 17-6.


Graveman of the A’s has not been off to as great of a start. In the last four instances of him starting there were fourteen earned runs which were left on the table. Following a string of defeats, he is yet to accrue a victory. Meanwhile,  he tried to start against Seattle and instead of blocking seemed to let them get away with eight hits in a short four inning. 93 pitches later, he was asked to step down from the position.

In-Depth Analysis of each team:

This matchup may seen even due to the improvements Oakland has made to their offense. However, their track record against left-handed starters does not seem to be proficient enough to be threatening to Boston. They also are coming off of a string of losses which may influence the teams’ morale and confidence.

Against The Spread Selection: Boston Red Sox's

My reason for the pick :

Pomeranz has a better record when it comes to pitching. He also let fewer runs slip past him. These factors as well as the recent victories of the Sox’s may help them beat out Oakland this time.

Betting trends for Boston Red Sox:

    • The Red Sox were  7-2 in the most recent 9 matches where the opponent had a winning record
    • They were 6-2 with left-handed starters in the past 8 games 
    • The score was 20-7 in the most recent 27 away matches

Betting trends for Oakland Athletics:

    • Their recent score was 4-10 when going up against American League East.
    • The Athletics were 1-5 when going up against left-handed starters in the most recent 6 matches.
    • In their last 4 home games they were 0-4 against starters that were left handed.


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