Cincinnati Reds vs. St. Louis Cardinals 04-22-2018 Predictions

Cincinnati Reds vs. St. Louis Cardinals 04-22-2018 Predictions

Cincinnati Reds (3-15) vs St. Louis Cardinals (10-8)

Date : 04/22/2018
Time : 2:15 PM
Location : Busch Stadium

Pick, Prediction, & Preview:

Cincinnati Reds vs St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals are going to host the Reds in the Busch Stadium this weekend for an incredible series. Left Hander Finnegan is listed to start for St.Louis while Michael Wacha was selected from the Cardinals. Last week the Cardinals took the sweep of four games against the Reds, putting things in their favor this weekend.


Cincinnati Reds's Latest Performance :

Brandon Finnegan will make for a fierce opponent as he continues his second part of the campaign. Even though he faced the Cardinals once before, he was forced to surrender two home runs in a short 4.1 innings. Five runs were surrendered in total. Meanwhile, as a right hander in his fifth year, very few starts were made in the previous season. With a 3.98 ERA across thirty-one starts there were mixed outcomes when competing with the Cardinals. His career overall has included about thirty-nine innings with an average 4.38 ERA.

St. Louis Cardinals's Latest Performance :

The Cardinals are hoping to get their third win in a row by playing Michael Wacha. He took the Reds on recently and contributed greatly to the second success. He has had three starts but didn’t even complete six innings yet in the season. Only ten runs were conceded in the short fourteen point two innings Wacha has been on the field.

With a 9-1 record and a 2.99 ERA Wacha has a history of dominating the Reds. Other powerful forces on the Cardinals include Jose Martinez who will be batting for them. With a 0.354 average and multiple home runs, Martinez will be making a huge difference for the team. Overall the Cardinals have been getting 4.65 runs for each game set them up as 13th overall in the Majors. Outstanding pitching, a 3.22 ERA and other stats have put them seventh overall in the Major League.

How Cincinnati Reds & St. Louis Cardinals Matchup.

Vegas Odds, Offshore Odds, & Odds ATS:

Marcel Ozuna of the Reds has been against before and is 1 for 4. Meanwhile, Matt Carpenter and Dexter Fowler are four for eleven and two for six respectively.

Barnhart has been an influential figure because of his progress for the Reds this year. He has gained a hit in just about every game of the season except for one. Now he’s got a hit of 0.277 and two homers at large. With a feature of 0.393  Barnhart was 2 for 9 and had one homer at large. Even though the Reds were floundering especially at the plate, there were three runs going on per game. With 5.42 ERA overall, the team is presently 29th. 


In-Depth Analysis of each team:

Tonight will be a tough match because the Cardinals are playing the Reds with players that have a long history against one another. With Adam Duvall playing Wacha the odds are 3 for 15. Meanwhile Joey Votto and Scooter Gennett are 13 for 34 and 9 for 28 at large.

Against The Spread Selection: St.Louis Cardinals

My reason for the pick :

The Cardinals have a lot to offer including their illustrious batting average, great performance on the mound, and recent victories over the Reds. With a lacking offense and limited time on the field it may be hard for the Reds to compete with them.

Betting trends for Cincinnati Reds:

    • In the past 62 games up against a right-handed starter, the Reds were 20-42.
    •  In 53 cases of game 2 in a series, they were  17-36.
    • During 149 road games against winning teams, they were 47-102. 

Betting trends for St. Louis Cardinals:

    • In the past 62 games, the Cardinals were 44 to 18 when competing against a winning team below 0.4 percent.
    • During game 2 of a series, the Cardinals have performed 21-9 of the most recent 30 matches.
    • In 229 home games against teams with a winning percentile below 0.4 the Cardinals have been 156 to 73.


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