Miami Marlins vs. Milwaukee Brewers 04-22-18 Predictions

Miami Marlins vs. Milwaukee Brewers 04-22-18 Predictions

Miami Marlins ( 5 - 13) vs Milwaukee Brewers (11 - 9)

Date : 04/21/2018
Time : 7:10 PM
Location : Miller Park

Pick, Prediction, & Preview:

Miami Marlins vs Milwaukee Brewers

The Miami Marlins are going out to face off with the Milwaukee Brewers as a continuation of the series. Miller Park will be lit up by the Marlins’ Trevor Richards and the Brewers Jhoulys Chacin. Both are right-handed and will be attempting to break the Brewers previous win of 4-2.


Miami Marlins's Latest Performance :

Making a start this year for the fourth time, Trevor Richards of the Marlins will be making moves to get his first Major League victory. He has a great number of efforts while hitting multiple balls against the Pirates. Even though he is a rookie, Richards has high hopes of improving his performance this time around. Eight runs were allowed past him during the short 15.1 innings. Meanwhile, his ERA is 4.70 and with a 1.37 WHIP he is going in with a record of zero to one. Across the three starts, he was involved with only 1 was conceded.


Milwaukee Brewers's Latest Performance :

Chacin from the Brewers is still trying to get a victory, as hard as it may seem. There have been some strides made by this player, as he prevented the Mets from making any more than a single run in his last start. Nevertheless, he has not been around for that long as he has still to accomplish six innings for the start. With an ERA of 5.60 and a WHIP of 1.92 Chacin has not made it out of the woods yet for the Brewers.

Another weapon the Brewers have is the amazing form that Christian Yelich brings to the table. Despite an injury, to the oblique, this hitter has started off great having his new team ready while hitting a home run and 0.393.

Overall the Brewers have been somewhat inconsistent over the years, especially at the plate. They had an average of 3.37 runs and their rankings have been brought down considerable to a mere 26 in the league. The only positive is their ERA of 3.66 across the team which brings them up to eleven in that category.

How Miami Marlins & Milwaukee Brewers Matchup.

Vegas Odds, Offshore Odds, & Odds ATS:

The history of these two teams competing shows that it will be a tough match. Castro against Chacin has been six for twenty. Meanwhile, Bour and Maybin are 0 for 2 and 4 for 17 respectively.

The Marlins are packing a punch with star players like Justin Bour. Bour is an incredible batter who has been on a hot streak in recent times. He has hit 0.233 and led with four home runs this year alone. Last year he accomplished twenty five home runs in the course of over one hundred games that he played in. The Brewers were taken down a notch last year by his performance. Bour got in nine hits and had a slew of RBIs. 

In-Depth Analysis of each team:

While Bour does have a lot of power behind him, the Marlins lineup leaves something to be desired.With a low average of 3.47 runs, the Marlins rank has significantly dropped. They are only 23 overall int he leagues. Their pitching is also less than stellar with a 5.13 ERA across the team.  

Against The Spread Selection: Milwaukee Brewers

My reason for the pick :

While it could be a close game, the Brewers have several advantages including their batting power and abilities on the mound. With fewer losses and a stronger record among their key players, they could work up to a meticulous offense strategy this time around.

Betting trends for Miami Marlins:

    • During the most recent 54 games on the road, the Marlins were 17-37  when playing against winning records teams.
    • In the past 51 games, the Marlins were 16-35.

Betting trends for Milwaukee Brewers:

    • The Brewers were in the lead 5-2 during the most recent 7 games playing against a team with .400 % or below winnings.
    • During game 3 of the season, the Brewers were 9-4 in the past 13 matches.
    • During the most recent 4 starts on Saturday, they were 4-0.


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