Washington Nationals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers 04-22-18 Predictions

Washington Nationals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers 04-22-18 Predictions

Washington Nationals (9-10) vs Los Angeles Dodgers ( 8-9)

Date : 04/22/2018
Time : 9:10 PM
Location : Dodger Stadium

Pick, Prediction, & Preview:

Washington Nationals vs Los Angeles Dodgers

The National League East and West will compete in this epic match. The Dodgers are hosting at their stadium in California and the Washington Nationals will be visiting. There was a split last year during their match. This year it is possible that Max Scherzer with his 1.33 ERA and 3-1 record will be seen pitching. Meanwhile Clayton Kershaw will be opposed with 1.73 ERA.


Washington Nationals's Latest Performance :

Overall the Nationals have not been doing as well as the Dodgers. Because of the strong and effective offense presented by LA it is difficult for the team to penetrate. Scherzer is definitely one of the most notable assets the Nationals have at the moment, with an ERA of 1.33 and a clear ERA of 2.92.


Los Angeles Dodgers's Latest Performance :

The Dodgers have had a lot of struggles this season. Nevertheless, they are changing the way things take place in recent times. After sweeping against the San Diego Padres, they now have accomplished victories in four games consecutively.  What was once a weak offense strategy and lineup has soared dramatically in the past four matches. 37 runs in counting will be continued by Max Scherzer, who has pitched well in the early going.

The Dodgers had a remarkable lead and victory over the Padres with the score of 30-10 in the three-game series. With a record of 8-9 on the year overall and 4.0 games, a leading score of the 13-4 score has been seen by Corey Seager.

How Washington Nationals & Los Angeles Dodgers Matchup.

Vegas Odds, Offshore Odds, & Odds ATS:

There has been a remarkably average performance on the side of Washington in recent times. They were ranked in the league only at 14th when it comes to scoring. Their RPG was also lacking at 4.47. With their hitting at 0.235 and a subsequent rank at 17th. Their ERA is also low at 4.19 and they had a WHIP of 1.19. These are perhaps better than a few teams in the league but are lacking when compared to the Dodgers.

In-Depth Analysis of each team:

The Dodgers have been doing great on a lot of fronts this season. Their imminent victories and great problem solving abilities have shown that they are fierce competition. Meanwhile the Nationals are lacking in strength both in the field and on the mound. It will be a tough match for them to penetrate the Dodgers this time.

Against The Spread Selection: LA Dodgers

My reason for the pick :

Coming off of a hot streak, the Dodgers are poised for yet another victory against the Nationals. Their strength in scoring, batting and offense are incredible this season and they are sure to give the Nationals a run for the money.

Betting trends for Washington Nationals:

    • In 71 of the latest starts, the Nationals were  55-16.
    • In 71 starts on the grass they had the same.
    • The Nationals were at 23-7 during 30 starts after team losses in the proximal match.

Betting trends for Los Angeles Dodgers:

    • In the latest 66 matches against losing record teams, the Dodgers are at 50-16.
    • In 30 of the latest Saturday matches, they are  22-8.
    • Playing against National League East, the Dodgers will be 42-17 across 59 of the most recent games.


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