Seattles Mariners vs. Chicago White Sox 04-23-18 Predictions

Seattles Mariners vs. Chicago White Sox 04-23-18 Predictions

Seattle Mariners (10-8) vs Chicago White Sox (4-12)

Date : 04/23/2018
Time :
Location : Guaranteed Rate Field

Pick, Prediction, & Preview:

Seattle Mariners vs Chicago White Sox

The Seattle Mariners are set to take on the Chicago White Sox at home t on the 23d. Both teams have been struggling this year, with low rankings for home runs, WHIP and ERAs across the board.

Seattle Mariners's Latest Performance :

The Mariners were able to win with a score of 2-1, but the final three games in their series last week were a calamity. They were majorly outscored resulting in a 20-4 final tally. Their offense have been at the crux of the problem because of struggles relating to seven runs they let slip across five matches. An average 7.25 rpg for the previous four matches did not help the situation much.

Chicago White Sox's Latest Performance :

The White Sox had been thought of by many as the best pick when considering teams on American League Central. However, the biggest impediment to their success is actually pitching. This is one of the worst ranked teams in the league this year,  making it critical that they fix the situation before going on further. They have resulting scores of 4-11 and were really tossed around by the Oakland Athletics. Meanwhile their pitching struggled as thirty runs were allowed in a short three games. This does not make it promising for their competition against the Mariners.

How Seattle Mariners & Chicago White Sox Matchup.

Vegas Odds, Offshore Odds, & Odds ATS:

Marco Gonzales of the Mariners allowed a lot of runs (3 to be exact) without actually earning any. His score has dropped to 1-2 as he features a 5.94 ERA. A few bad plays from Wade LeBlanc have further affected the outcomes of the struggling team. He had two walks and let 4 ERs throughout a short two innings.

In-Depth Analysis of each team:

Overall the Mariners are weak, as are the White Sox, both teams have been ranked pretty low in their respective leagues and it is may actually be a fair match for them to play against one another. Nevertheless it is critical that the Mariners work on their offense and the White Sox improve their form in pitching and on the mound.

Against The Spread Selection: Seattle Mariners

My reason for the pick :

Even though the Mariners have a weak offense, they are able to let fewer balls slip through as well as runs. Their ability on the mound could also be advantageous when compared to the lackluster performance thus far by the White Sox.

Betting trends for Seattle Mariners:

  • The Mariners are 1-4 in the past 5 road games going against the West.

Betting trends for Chicago White Sox:

  • In the past twenty-eight games, the Sox are 6-22

  • Up against teams with a winning record of more than 0.6 the Sox are 0-6 at home.


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